Perks of Postpartum Belly Binding

woman showing her stretch marks

Belly binding is an ancient art and tradition in cultures around the world. This traditional postpartum process is becoming more popular in the United States, drawing it’s popularity with new and experienced moms alike. Belly binding offers support, stability and comfort for a recovering mother. During pregnancy, your abdominal muscles stretch and thin to accommodate your growing baby. It can … Read More

Why Hire an In-Home Lactation Consultant

A Mother breastfeeding her little baby boy in her arms.

We often hear that breastfeeding is a normal and natural way to feed our babies. Yet an act that feels as if it should be so natural and intuitive, often comes with many challenges. This is when an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), the expert on breastfeeding, is worth their weight in all that liquid gold. When looking for … Read More