Why Hire an In-Home Lactation Consultant

A Mother breastfeeding her little baby boy in her arms.

A Mother breastfeeding her little baby boy in her arms.

We often hear that breastfeeding is a normal and natural way to feed our babies. Yet an act that feels as if it should be so natural and intuitive, often comes with many challenges. This is when an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), the expert on breastfeeding, is worth their weight in all that liquid gold.

When looking for the best medical team to help with the birth of baby, or a pediatrician to look after our growing family for years to come, we seek out the best. Breastfeeding help should be no different!

If it feels as if breastfeeding is overwhelming, painful, or just not working the way it “should”, now’s the time to seek out extra help to ease those worries.

Here are five reasons we believe that hiring our IBCLC is an invaluable investment:

1. You get to stay in your pajamas!

You don’t have to bring baby out, find a parking spot, and worry about what you did or didn’t pack in the diaper bag. Your IBCLC will come to you with everything needed, a scale and an open mind. No judgments here! Surrounded by your partner, parents, pets or friends, we can help you navigate the feeding needs of your baby and with your permission, offer your support team some information that will help them assist you and baby in the best way possible.

2. We meet you where you are.

What are your goals for your breastfeeding journey? Having the privilege of being in your home where you feed baby most often allows us to help you get comfortable in your environment. We’ll make a care plan together with step-by-step instructions on ways to meet your goals.

3. We provide a two hour comprehensive, professional and personal visit in your home, including two weeks of unlimited support via phone and/or email with every consult!

We understand that a hungry baby can’t wait to eat. The private practice lactation consultant is not constrained by a busy hospital schedule or a waiting room full of clients. While we do have personal boundaries and our own time commitments, you typically are not having to wait until the next business day to speak with me about your concerns or questions.

4. A typical home visit will include both a breast exam for mom and an oral exam for baby as well as observing a feeding.

IBCLC’s are trained to respect that mother baby bond and value the benefits of the two of you working together as a unit, interrelated and interactive.

5. Hearing consistent, evidence-based information is important in building your knowledge and confidence.

IBCLC’s are the only standardized, board certified lactation professionals in the world. This means we are the experts in your lactation journey and have the experience and education to back that up. An IBCLC is required to complete continuing education and re-certification requirements, uphold ethical standards, and stay within our Scope of Practice. We can and will refer out to your healthcare professionals when appropriate and necessary. The best IBCLC’s practice a team approach, often working with your other care providers to provide congruent care and keep an open dialogue.

Equip yourself with the best breastfeeding support available and hire our private practice lactation consultant to come to you. If you are a mom in the Louisville or Southern Indiana area contact us to schedule an in-home lactation visit.





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