Perks of Postpartum Belly Binding

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Belly binding is an ancient art and tradition in cultures around the world. This traditional postpartum process is becoming more popular in the United States, drawing it’s popularity with new and experienced moms alike. Belly binding offers support, stability and comfort for a recovering mother. During pregnancy, your abdominal muscles stretch and thin to accommodate your growing baby. It can … Read More

Why Hire an In-Home Lactation Consultant

A Mother breastfeeding her little baby boy in her arms.

We often hear that breastfeeding is a normal and natural way to feed our babies. Yet an act that feels as if it should be so natural and intuitive, often comes with many challenges. This is when an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), the expert on breastfeeding, is worth their weight in all that liquid gold. When looking for … Read More

I’m Not Broken: My Infertility Journey

Pregnancy test kit on a wooden desk

Written by: Avery Astrid Rao of The Woke Doula and Bluegrass Doulas Affiliated Doula In the drawer next to my bed, there are 28 pregnancy tests. They all come in different sizes and colors. Most have the same result, one lonely bright line. Others have a bit of a different result, extremely light – nearly a ghost – lines. These are … Read More

10 Things Learned Through Infertility

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Written by: Avery Astrid Rao of The Woke Doula and Bluegrass Doulas Affiliated Doula 1 in 8 couples in the United States are struggling to build a family. These couples are from all backgrounds, races, and sexual orientations. Infertility simply does not discriminate. It silently creeps into people’s lives and takes shelter. Infertility is often a silent struggle filled with many … Read More

Resolutions for Parents

Resolution blog

As we welcome the New Year, we often find ourselves creating resolutions and planning ways to make this the year.  Common resolutions include becoming healthier, working out more, eating clean.  People want to spend less, save more! Be more organized. Travel more, spend more time with family, do more to be happy! Although these resolutions are made with the best of … Read More

The Bluegrass Doulas Philosophy

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We’re often asked what our philosophy of birth or parenting is when meeting with clients for the first time.  If you do a quick google search of questions to ask a doula, it’s almost always listed.  We get why it comes up so often. Parents want to know where we stand and if we will support them. Will a doula support me … Read More

I Am: One in Four

I am 1 in 4

April 28, 2008 May 17, 2013 April 13, 2014 These are the dates that I gave birth to 3 of my children.  Three children that never made it to term, never took their first breath, their first cry, their first steps. These were the three babies I miscarried.  Three children others don’t talk about and likely may not remember. But … Read More

Welcome to Bluegrass Doulas!

Bluegrass Doulas

After 3 years of supporting families through our individual doula businesses, Empowered Mama Doula Services and Naturally Supported Mama, we’ve decided to become one!  We are happy to announce that we have formed an official partnership! As Bluegrass Doulas, we will continue striving to help families be empowered, informed, supported, and confident in every step of their journey.  Our philosophies, … Read More