Perks of Postpartum Belly Binding

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Belly binding is an ancient art and tradition in cultures around the world. This traditional postpartum process is becoming more popular in the United States, drawing it’s popularity with new and experienced moms alike. Belly binding offers support, stability and comfort for a recovering mother. During pregnancy, your abdominal muscles stretch and thin to accommodate your growing baby. It can … Read More

Doulas Benefit Everyone

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In celebration of World Doula Week, we’re putting the spotlight on all the amazing ways a doula supports a family during labor and postpartum. Many people don’t know how far this support can reach. Doulas have the incredible ability to multitask, and focus their attention and support for each family member. When each person feels secure and supported they can … Read More

The Bluegrass Doulas Philosophy

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We’re often asked what our philosophy of birth or parenting is when meeting with clients for the first time.  If you do a quick google search of questions to ask a doula, it’s almost always listed.  We get why it comes up so often. Parents want to know where we stand and if we will support them. Will a doula support me … Read More

Welcome to Bluegrass Doulas!

Bluegrass Doulas

After 3 years of supporting families through our individual doula businesses, Empowered Mama Doula Services and Naturally Supported Mama, we’ve decided to become one!  We are happy to announce that we have formed an official partnership! As Bluegrass Doulas, we will continue striving to help families be empowered, informed, supported, and confident in every step of their journey.  Our philosophies, … Read More