I’m Not Broken: My Infertility Journey

Pregnancy test kit on a wooden desk

Written by: Avery Astrid Rao of The Woke Doula and Bluegrass Doulas Affiliated Doula In the drawer next to my bed, there are 28 pregnancy tests. They all come in different sizes and colors. Most have the same result, one lonely bright line. Others have a bit of a different result, extremely light – nearly a ghost – lines. These are … Read More

Heartland Music Together


March is the month of music! Our kids are celebrating a month long musical adventure with Music in Our Schools Month. Art and music stimulates emotional and cognitive development in toddlers through adolescence. Using the school’s initiative to incorporate music into their school day, we can keep our kids engaged with after school activities that use similar principles of music … Read More

The Beauty of a Staycation


Nothing breaks up wintertime blues quite like a sunny vacation. With a career or a house full of kids, a vacation can be more trouble than it’s worth and anything but relaxing. Sometimes the best vacations are “staycations” where the whole family can relax and spend some time together without having to travel far and wide.  Before you plan your … Read More

Bluegrass Family Traditions

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Family traditions are an important thread that holds us together. You don’t have to be here long to know that basketball goes with Kentucky sweeter than bluegrass and bourbon. Whether you’re starting a new family or already have a full team, there’s always room to celebrate traditions we’ve had passed down to us and an opportunity to start some brand … Read More

It’s Your Final Countdown, Not Theirs.


Lately, the world is bringing conversations about birth to new heights. The news is buzzing about the live streaming of an expectant mother giraffe’s pregnancy and birth, proving that we care about more than just giraffes. It seems to be a theme that people who aren’t in labor have more questions and concerns than the woman who is actually doing all … Read More

Valentines Day Ideas


Valentines Day is right around the corner. Whether you are staying in for a quiet Valentines Day with your family or going out with your sweetheart, there’s plenty of ideas and activities that can make the holiday special.  Parents work hard and sacrifice a lot of their time to caring for their littles. This Valentines Day, devote a little time … Read More

Self Care During the Holidays

self care during the holidays blog

The holidays are just plain crazy and spending some extra time on self care is probably the furthest from your mind. But it shouldn’t be. This is the season everyone gets a little burnt out from the back and forth pace of holiday shopping and a never ending to-do list. Devoting a little time each day to some old fashioned … Read More

Postpartum Jealousy

Jealousy and New parenthood

Becoming a new mom can bring a whirlwind of new emotions. From ups to downs, sometimes the postpartum emotional roller coaster is unpredictable. We have all heard about the seriousness of postpartum anxiety and depression but what about anger and jealousy? Jealousy is all too real and can become a problem as you transition into life as a new parent. Holding … Read More

Mom’s Day Out

mom's day out

Every once in a while a mom needs a break. Once the little ones head back to school it means a mom’s busy schedule is only going to get busier and mothers get less of an opportunity to devote their time to some self care. Give yourself the opportunity to catch up on some self care and treat yourself to some quality … Read More