Placenta Encapsulation

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Screenshot 2017-05-01 at 1.03.07 PMThe postpartum journey is a slow process of self discovery and a can be a bumpy road of physical and emotional recovery.

Placenta encapsulation is changing the way that women navigate their postpartum recovery. 

Placenta is a powerful thing and this amazing organ is a powerhouse of nutrients and hormones for our baby’s growth and continues to provide these benefits for postpartum mothers, from birth to beyond.

What is placenta encapsulation anyway?

After our bodies give birth, there’s imbalances in our hormones as we kick it into overdrive to recover and restore ourselves to our pre-baby state. Even if this recovery begins immediately, it can often be a long slow road.

For centuries, women around the world have supplemented this recovery by consuming their placenta to give them a boost of nutrients and help them find some balance as they regain their physical and emotional strength postpartum. In the United States, the process of encapsulating the placenta as a supplement has gained momentum and the process is becoming streamlined with impeccable standards for safety, certification and experience.

Many women have experienced tons of positive results from their encapsulation, making a placenta regimen highly recommended by many physicians, midwives and doulas for a happier and healthier postpartum recovery.

Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation

As you’re recovering after birth, your hormones might very well be all over the place.

Placenta consumption helps a postpartum mother’s body release oxytocin, which helps the uterus shrink back down to size and encourages bonding between mother and baby. Your capsules also promote CRH production that helps banish stress and balance the pressure that comes with a brand new baby routine.

These awesome mood boosting hormones help women prevent symptoms of baby blues, postpartum anxiety, and depression. In many cases, if a woman experiences postpartum depression after her first child, a postpartum placenta regimen comes highly recommended to regulate her hormones and emotional well being.

Many postpartum mothers who have chosen to consume placenta pills have reported improvements in milk supply. Breast milk production is driven in many ways by a hormone exchange.  The hormones communicating properly and the restoration of iron levels provided from the placenta can help mothers experience an increase in production volume.

While most of the benefits of placenta encapsulation come from anecdotal experience, research supporting it’s benefits is slowly and steadily emerging.

If you or a loved one is exploring their postpartum recovery options and resources, placenta encapsulation may offer some incredible benefits for postpartum moms on their journey to heal.

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