Perks of Postpartum Belly Binding

woman showing her stretch marks

Asian woman showing her stretch marks

Belly binding is an ancient art and tradition in cultures around the world.

This traditional postpartum process is becoming more popular in the United States, drawing it’s popularity with new and experienced moms alike. Belly binding offers support, stability and comfort for a recovering mother.

During pregnancy, your abdominal muscles stretch and thin to accommodate your growing baby.

It can take a long time for these muscles to recover from birth and more stability at your core keeps this recovery on track. Without abdominal support, these muscles may remain distended or stretched more permanently. Carrying the weight of your baby also creates weeks of back strain that leave your posture in need of some help. 

The firm support of the bengkung wrap can even provide emotional support in it’s embrace. In many cultures, this is symbolic of sealing the void once a baby arrives, closing the chapter of birth and beginning a new chapter in a strong and supported way. Many women experiencing miscarriage also find belly binding to be emotionally and physically supportive during their healing journey.


Benefits of Belly Binding

Supporting the womb after birth promotes it’s shrinking to a smaller pre-baby size. This also speeds the postpartum healing process, and slows postpartum bleeding. The wrap encourages better nursing posture and eliminates the common aches and pains in the back, neck and shoulders while breastfeeding.

The support and protection of the wrap also makes it more comfortable to heal cesarean incisions and restore strength at your surgical site.

For women looking to slim down their postpartum body, belly binding helps promote circulation to your abdomen, reduces water retention and accelerates fat burning. Every body is different and these results vary with each woman, although this postpartum recovery resource comes strongly recommended by many new families and physicians.


How the Belly Bind Works

The Bengkung wrap is a single piece of fabric that’s usually vibrant and colorful with beautiful patterns that take postpartum support garments to a whole new level.

The wrap works best when wrapped directly over your skin, reduces cramps, and encourages the shrinking of your uterus. The bind should be tight and firm but not hinder breathing or bruise skin. This process is usually recommended for at least 30 minutes each day for the first few months postpartum but can be worn for a full day as long as you’re not sleeping or showering.

Bluegrass Belly Binding

We’re excited to be introducing these binding sessions for our postpartum clients and new moms in Louisville and the surrounding Kentuckiana area.

Contact us today with questions or to add belly binding sessions to your labor or postpartum Doula services. 

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